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HealingU Technique

The Simple, Natural & Extremely Powerful Technique that'll Eliminate Your Aches, Pains, Injuries or Illness in Minutes!

Proven by Thousands of our Clients & it's 100% Specific to YOU & Your Life Situation

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Healing U aims to put the YOU back into your healing and your life.

For many years as a sport scientist, performance coach & healer, I've been working with clients wanting to improve the performance & quality of their bodies, lives & businesses.

  •  Some want help to lose weight & tone up
  • Some want to alleviate unexplained pains, injuries & illness
  • Others want to reduce their blood pressure & the effects of stress
  • Some are just "STUCK" in some area of their life & want to get clarity on the best way to achieve their ideal relationship, financial, career or business goals
  • And everyone wants to look & feel better.

But, after working with thousands of clients I have found that it’s never the client’s physical bodies or lives that require improving in the first instance.

In every client I’ve ever worked with I’ve found that there’s always been some underlying issue (that they were not consciously aware of) that was being reflected in the current state of their body & health.

Effectively, the body is a barometer for life; if something isn’t going well in a certain area of life, it manifests through the body & therefore, the reason that most traditional health, well-being & healing programs fail is because they only address the physical aspect of the human being.

The Healing U process recognizes that we are also profoundly influenced by our thoughts, feelings & emotions, to the extent that when our mental, emotional & spiritual elements are working in harmony, the physical aspect of our selves will perform more efficiently & effectively & provide us with greater results than if we’d concentrated on our physical aspect alone.

I find that when clients address the underlying cause of their dissatisfaction, their physical bodies responded with a lot less effort & they begin to see amazing results in all areas of their lives.

The Healing U process engages a number of very simple, natural & incredibly powerful techniques to eliminate aches, pains, injuries, illness & limiting beliefs so that you can begin to resonate with the ideal health, wealth, relationships, career and/or business that you desire.

Whether it’s a one off or longer term program you are looking for the first step is to enter your details below to watch the FREE Fast Healing Lesson Video.

And then, If you resonate with what you’ve seen you can book in for your initial Fast Healing Session by clicking the link underneath the FREE Fast Healing Lesson Video Here

During the session(s) you’ll be guided within yourself to:

  • Identify the real cause of the symptoms you are experiencing in your physical body & physical environment
  • Remove or drastically reduce them

and then together, we’ll come up with an action plan to:

  • Eliminate anything else that is stopping you from living your ideal life and then...
  • Identify the best possible solution(s) for you to achieve the ideal body, life and/or business moving forward - and that's 100% specific to you!

All sessions are performed on the phone or Skype meaning you can be based anywhere in the world.

Alternatively if you’d like to discuss your situation or your goals sooner then Contact Us.

I look forward to supporting you very soon.

Andrew McCombe - (BPhEd)
​Founder & CEO

I can’t thank you enough for giving me the power to reconnect with myself.

I’ve always struggled mentally with an ongoing illness & the fear of constantly being ill, which I’d often spiral into self doubt & self destruction & ultimately feel helpless & consistently worthless.

After my Healing U session I realized the fear I had, I’d created & therefore it wasn’t real & I now know that I have all of the answers within me & the power to heal myself & reset my thinking.

Since the session I now feel such relief to be free of the fear & I’m already much calmer, peaceful & relaxed in my body & mind.

Charlie V

Business Owner

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When I reflect on the changes across all aspects of my life, they are overwhelming!

It’s incredible to think that so much positive change can happen in such a short period of time!

​​Beau B

​Executive Director

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