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Controversial! – How We Create Our Own Pain, Injury & Illness & How to Stop!

By Andrew McCombe | Uncategorized

Mar 12

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Controversial! - How We Create Our Own Pain, Injury & Illness & How to Stop!

In this Healing U lesson I’m going to teach you how you actually create the Pain, Injuries, Illness &/or Trauma you are currently experiencing in your body.

Controversial claim I know & for some of you this information will challenge everything you know about healing - but once you master it, it has the ability to fast track your healing forever & can happen literally within minutes

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If you stick around til the end of this lesson I’m going to give you access to a free Fast Healing Lesson Video that’ll guide you through a very simple, natural, yet incredibly powerful process that’s been proven by thousands of my clients to not only eliminate aches, pains, injuries, illness, fears, phobias, traumas & addictions but also attract anything they want in their body, their lives & / or their business

Ok, so did you know that on a deeper level pain is actually our resistance to feeling certain feelings that we don’t want to feel? Let me explain…

For many years as a sport scientist, performance coach & healer, I’ve been working with clients who come to me for advice on how they can improve the performance & quality of their bodies, lives & businesses;

But, after working with thousands of clients I’ve found that it’s never their physical bodies or lives that require improving in the first instance.

In every client I’ve ever worked with I’ve found that there’s always been some underlying issue (that they were not consciously aware of) that was being reflected in the current state of their physical body &/or physical environment.

Effectively, the body is a barometer for life; if something isn’t going well in a certain area of life, it manifests through the physical body as some form of pain, injury, illness or in our physical environment as a negative or traumatic event.

I always find that when a client addresses the underlying cause of the dissatisfaction that’s causing the pain, injury, illness or trauma, their physical bodies responded with a lot less effort & they began to see amazing results in all areas of their lives.

What I found through observing my clients was that we all create our physical symptoms or our life circumstances by the way we choose to think, feel & believe about any situation & then by default our body performs behaviours (that we are usually unconsciously aware of) to create the effect of these thoughts, feelings & beliefs in our physical body & physical environment.

What do I mean by this?....Exactly that - Our external reality (that is our physical body & your physical environment) is a reflection of our internal reality (eg our thoughts, feelings & beliefs) & the reason we’re experiencing the physical symptoms that we’re experiencing is because at some level our thoughts, feelings & beliefs are out of alignment with the physical reality that we want but are fully in alignment with the physical reality that we are currently experiencing.

The science behind this philosophy, Quantum Physics, has found  that everything, including us humans are all made up of energy & the frequency (or wave length) that our energy vibrates at, will only ever attract to us energy that’s in alignment with this vibration in our physical body & physical environment.

The powerful thing about this is that we are in control of this process & even though we‘ve created our current symptoms we can also create symptoms that we’d rather be experiencing simply by thinking, feeling & believing thoughts, feelings & beliefs that form behaviours that are in alignment with the reality that we’d rather be experiencing.

I know what I’m saying may come as a shock & it’s certainly not something we’re taught at school or from our parents & yes I can even hear some of you saying “yeah right as if I created my knee injury or my arthritis or my frozen shoulder or my bad relationship or painful clients etc” but I can assure you - when you experience the actual Healing U Technique I’m going to guide you through in the free Fast Healing Lesson Video below, your perception may change very quickly.

Ive had clients who’ve come to me with chronic sore feet but identified the real cause of the issue was related to not spending enough time with their children or clients who were overweight & it wasn’t about their thyroid, sluggish metabolism or overeating but about being heartbroken by a lover years earlier, or lung cancer patients who were grieving the loss of a loved one that manifested in their lungs as cancer, or clients with depression who were abused at an earlier age.

Almost all of my clients started off sceptical at first but after performing a Fast Healing Session with me, very quickly realized that what they thought was causing their symptoms was in fact nothing to do with them & when they addressed their underlying thoughts, feelings & beliefs - their body’s, lives & pain improved by default.

Ok so how do we know we are feeling pain, or experiencing unwanted symptoms, injury or illness?...Exactly - Through our bodies. …..Our body is the connector between our internal & our external worlds – & it tells us if something is either right or wrong through our feelings & emotions, which it then manifests as physical symptoms

Just like a luxury car shows a warning light on the dashboard when a tyre is flat, or the fuel or oil is low – so too does the body – but the body presents it’s symptoms via pain, or an injury, ailment or illness… & as I mentioned earlier - on a deeper level pain is actually our resistance to feeling certain feelings that we don’t want to feel.

So the quickest way I’ve learned to heal pain or anything else for that matter is to FEEL - because ultimately Feeling is Healing & the quickest way to eradicate pain, injury or illness is to stop resisting & start Feeling your Feelings & that’s precisely what the free Fast Healing Lesson Video below will teach you when you watch it.

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It’s extremely important to note that Feelings are actually our friends – they are trying to help us - but it’s equally important to note that up until now feeling feelings is actually the last thing we usually want to do when we’re feeling them…..This may be a paradigm shift for some of you but bear with me.

Have a think about the last time you cut your foot, or sprained your ankle or bit your tongue – did you purposefully try to feel the feelings that cutting your foot, spraining your ankle or biting your tongue gave you? Of course you didn’t – they’re not pleasant feelings, in fact I bet you actually tried to get rid of the feelings by taking a pain killer or doing everything you could to distract yourself from feeling the pain.

But here in lies the problem.

Most western medicine deals with any form of pain, injury, ailment or disease – by treating the symptom not the cause by giving you drugs to mask the pain, or even worse they’ll remove your limbs etc all together – that’s an extreme example I know but trying not to feel feelings is usually how humans treat any physical problems they don’t’ want to feel – instead we self-medicate by drinking, smoking, working, gambling, having sex, overeating etc… & if we don’t do this we simply try to avoid or deny the problem all together & do you know why we do this?

Because for most of us the feelings are too painful to want to feel them….Or we don’t know what we don’t know – in that we’re not even consciously aware of what we’re doing when pain arises – & usually we’re not present when we’re in pain & just act on instinct (or survival mode) which is usually…to avoid the pain.

Secondly – We’re not only not conscious of what we’re doing… but because we’re also not wanting to feel the feelings, we continue these addictive (or suppressive) behaviours such as drinking, smoking etc in an effort NOT TO FEEL THE FEELING

The problem is - if we don’t actually stop & feel the feeling, eventually the negative behaviour we are (consciously or unconsciously) acting out to not feel the feeling will get worse & often cause far worse symptoms such as cancer if it’s not addressed in the long term.

The secret though is that Feelings just want to be felt – & Feeling them will actually start the Healing process – so until we stop & actually feel the feeling, we’ll never heal properly let alone understand what ‘s causing us to feel the way we do & create the symptoms we have.

The good news though (whether we want to feel them or not) is that feelings are just trying to help us – & typically they have a message for us that’ll help us eliminate the symptoms of those feelings.

Now all this is very theory oriented & for a lot of you I understand if your mind wants to run away from what I’m saying as quick as you can – “who is this mad man telling me if I just feel my feelings they’ll guide me to remove all of the pain, injury, illness, negative events &/or trauma I have in my life – is he crazy?

Don’t worry guys I totally understand & I use to think exactly the same - as a male growing up in in a physically oriented society I was certainly never taught how to feel my feelings from those around me. It was just not something my parents, teachers & role models even knew let alone considered. 

So I totally get it & it’s taken me a long time to get it – but I can assure you that through my own experience & witnessing thousands of my clients transformations – feeling your feelings is the fastest way to eliminating your pains & symptoms & attracting your ideal life once & for all & to give you an example of how quick this healing process can be I want you to watch the free Fast Healing Lesson Video at

The Healing U technique that you’ll learn in the video is a culmination of 25 years of my in depth studies of human behaviour, performance enhancement, pain, addiction & trauma removal – & once you’ve experienced it, it may appear very simple, but I can promise you that it’s very powerful & it’ll save you years of trial & error in your self-discovery journey simply by tuning into the process & practicing it whenever you have any pain, injury, illness, or any other other problems you want to get rid of.

As Einstein once said problems are just opportunities waiting to happen

So take the opportunity to watch the free Fast Healing Lesson video & then book in for your Fast Healing Session (which you can do by entering your details at the bottom of this page – & together we’ll get rid of any pain, injury, illness or trauma that you no longer want to be experiencing

During the Fast Healing Session I’ll guide you to guide yourself to: Identify the real cause of your current symptoms…Remove or drastically reduce them & then, come up with an action plan to identify the best possible solution(s) for you to achieve the ideal body, life &/or business goals, moving forward & that are 100% specific to you & your life circumstances!

All of the sessions are performed on the phone or skype meaning maximum convenience & environment neutrality so that you can be based anywhere in the world & in an environment that you’re totally comfortable with...

So if you’re committed to dis-creating your pain, injury, illness or trauma enter your details below & remember if you’ve enjoyed this lesson or you’d like to ask some questions or you have a suggestion for another lesson – leave a like & a comment below & I’ll do my best to answer them for you

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Thanks for reading, watching, booking, sharing & commenting guys –I’m Andrew McCombe & here’s to putting the U back into your Healing, Your Life &/or your Business

I’ll see you very soon.

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