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How to Achieve Your Goals Easily & Effortlessly in Minutes

By Andrew McCombe | Uncategorized

Mar 23

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How to Achieve Your Goals
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In this Healing U lesson I’m going to teach you how to achieve your goals easily & effortlessly in minutes.

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Do you sometimes want your goals so badly you end up pushing them away?

No matter how hard you try nothing seems to work or give you what you want?

Yeah Me Too!

So in this HealingU episode I’m going to share what I’ve learned about Letting Go, Surrendering & ultimately achieving our goals with a lot less effort.

If you stick around til the end of this episode I’m going to give you access to the free Fast Healing Lesson Video that’ll guide you through a very simple, natural, yet incredibly powerful process that’s been proven by thousands of my clients to allow them to Let go, surrender & attract anything they want in their body, their lives & / or their business.

I remember playing a beach volleyball tournament in Thailand a few years back & we were having breakfast in the restaurant – which was a big conservatory shaped area – with glass everywhere.

Anyway there was this humming bird & it was trying to get out of the conservatory & was furiously trying to fly it’s way out of a closed window & no matter how hard it tried it just couldn’t fly through the closed glass.

The crazy thing was about 30 centimetres below the glass window was an open door – but the humming bird was so fixated on breaking through the glass window to get to it’s destination that it didn’t even realise that freedom (in the form of an open door) was just below him - & this is how we can get sometimes when we’re so fixated or determined to achieve a goal.

It’s funny, we took about 30 minutes to have our breakfast, then went back to our room for another 30 minutes or so & then to get to the volleyball courts we had to pass back through the restaurant again - so in the space of an hour or so when we came back through the restaurant the humming bird was still trying to get out of the window.

Isn’t this crazy – he was so determined to get to his destination that if he’d only stopped for a second, taken a step (or in his case a flight back) he would’ve seen the open door & saved himself an hour of wasted effort trying to get to freedom…. Geez he must have been knackered.

Einstein once said "You can’t solve a problem from the same space that created it" & in the hummingbirds case all he needed to do was either look down, or fly back & he would have seen an easy solution to his problem.

We’re all like the humming bird at times when it comes to achieving our goals – we get so fixated, so determined & sometimes so desperate for an outcome that we forget to stop, breathe & look at things from another perspective.

Trying to achieve a goal but not letting nature take it’s course in the manifestation of the goal is like planting a seed, watering it daily & then pulling the seed up each day to see if the seed is growing – but that’s crazy because nature doesn’t work like that & neither does goal achievement.

In fact if like the humming bird or the plant if we try too hard for something without stepping back & having a rest on a regular basis the only goal we’ll achieve is exhaustion or burnout.

So how can you achieve your goals with a lot more ease & a lot less effort?

Easy – we’re going to apply the old Intention, Attention, No Tension model.

What’s that you ask?

Well… first of all you set an Intention – eg what do you want

I must say it’s important to be as clear as we can with what we want because our subconscious minds are like heat seeking missiles – that is – they’ll always hit what we’re aiming at – so make sure you are definite with the infinite – because you’ll always get what you are focused on!

Secondly – you put all of your attention on this Intention, by creating a goal achievement plan & actioning it on a regular (but not too regular basis)

What do I mean by not too regular ?

Well you remember the plant?

We need to give our goal as much love & attention it needs without making it feel stifled, controlled or over bearing – or put simply – we need to be balanced about how much time, money & or effort we put into our goal without being desperate, fixated or too attached.

How do we know if we’re balanced?

We will feel it (in a good way) & as a result our goal will always feel like it’s progressing, growing or moving forward & if we’re not balanced, we’ll feel frustrated, exhausted & that there’s no progress, growth or forward movement.

Which brings us to the last step which once you have Intended, & Attended to your goal it’s time to Surrender, Let Go & Trust in the natural process of the goal manifesting.

That is….We have No Tension

This is such an important part of the goal achievement process – because if we’re fraught with tension then just like the hummingbird we may be pushing away or resisting other possibilities for the goal to be achieved.

So the best way to achieve No Tension is to ensure that you’re allocating enough time each day to having fun, letting go & surrendering – now this’ll be different for everyone but essentially it means put your Attention on something else for a period of each day so that your goal can manifest in it’s natural time – so if that means playing a sport, or reading a book, or socialising with friends or whatever else it takes for you to take your attention off your goal – then do it!

Just like going to the gym – growth actually occurs in the rest periods in between workouts – but we need the focused effort of the gym session to damage the muscles which then stimulates the body to repair them & grow bigger & stronger in the rest periods between gym sessions.

In fact former world champion body builder Dorian Yates used to absolutely smash himself at the gym only once per week & then had 7 days off – but his effort was so intense & so specific that his body needed the rest in order to recover – but the results spoke for themselves & the exact same process applies to you & your goal achievement

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So again…We need an intention for what we want, we need to put our attention on it for a specific period of time & then we need to rest for a specific period of time - & again - how much Attention & No tension we need will be different for everyone – but use your feelings as a guage & remember this cool phrase I just made up:…

“If you feel stressed then you need more rest & if you feel fine then everything’s happening by design & coming into line”

As Einstein also said:...“Everything is energy & if you match the frequency of that energy to the reality that you want then you cannot help but attract that reality into your life.”

This is not philosophy but physics!

But, if you want some philosophy - the Zen saying ‘Nothing is rushed but all is accomplished” might help in this instance…

Make sense?

Ok… so give the Intention, Attention, No tension model a go next time you want to achieve your goals easily & effortlessly & if you need any help then make sure you watch the free Fast Healing Lesson Video at

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