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How to Attract Anything You Want

By Andrew McCombe | Uncategorized

Apr 06

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How to Attract Anything You Want 
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In this Healing U lesson I’m going to teach you How to Attract Anything You Want in Life, Easily, Effortlessly & Fast!

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As you know are probably aware by now I’m a massive advocate for feeling – you will often hear me say that feeling is healing but feeling is also attracting.

Feeling is a word that has been invented to describe the vibration that we are resonating with in our body at any given moment.

If you tune into your body right now & describe to yourself how you are feeling, what you are really describing is the vibration of energy that you are currently resonating with.

Einstein said that "Vibration is just Energy" – so to get anything you want in your life just match yourself to the vibration of what you want energetically.

How do we do this?

Well if you stick around til the end of this episode I’m going to give you access to the free Fast Healing Lesson Video that’ll guide you through a very simple, natural, yet incredibly powerful process that’s been proven by thousands of my clients to not only eliminate aches, pains, injuries, illness, fears, phobias, traumas & addictions but also attract anything they want in the body, their lives & / or their business - in literally minutes.

But for the sake of this episode...

Step One is to be very clear on what you want.

Step Two is to close your eyes & imagine in your mind you already have what you want?

Can you see it?

What does it look like?

What does it feel like?

Ok I want you to imagine with absolute certainty you have it now…again what does that feel like?

It could be peaceful, calm, relaxing, happy, satisfied, secure, successful, fun, exciting or even inspiring.

Step Three is whatever the feeling is just feel it and feel it even more and feel it even more…because by feeling it you will start to resonate with the energetic vibration of the thing you want and the feeling it gives you & the more often you feel it the faster the thing you want will show up – it’s that simple

So how do we feel more of these feelings?

Well a great way that I mentioned before is we could just imagine what we want in our mind & tune into the feelings as often as we can in our body but a way to add rocket fuel to this would be to list all of the things that we like doing  & then do them as often as we can.

Ok let’s make up an example:

 Let’s say I want to lost 10 kilos of body fat and feel great about myself again.

And I have identified that losing this body fat would make me feel younger, more energetic and more excited for life.

I would then list all of the activities that I know in the past that have allowed me to feel these feelings

For example it could be surfing, singing, running, being in the sunshine, hanging out with friends, going to the beach, walking the dog, going to the gym, eating healthy food or whatever it is that will allow you to feel these feelings – & make sure that all of the activities are specific to you & what you want – not what others want of you.

And once you are clear on what these activities are then do them as often you can (for as long as they continue to give you the feelings you want.

And remember everything is all about balance so if you feel that you’re now doing too much of the activities & they no longer give you the feelings you originally wanted then just play around with the duration, regularity, intensity and/or type of activity so that you either do them a little less or you include new or other activities that will make you feel the feelings you wanted to feel.

Now as strange as this may seem – even if the activities have nothing to do with what you identified in step one as what you want – merely by the act of doing them and feeling the feelings they give you – you cannot help but attract what you want to you.

As Einstein has said: "Everything is Energy & that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of that energy (or vibration) to the reality that you want & you cannot help but attract that reality into your life. This is not philosophy but physics!"

Make sense?

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Ok so in summary I want you to:

  • Get very clear of exactly what you want – and remember you can apply this process to any or all aspects of your life or business
  • Identify the feeling or feeling that having what you want will give you as if it already exists right now
  • See it in your mind & feel it in your body with absolute certainty as often as you can
  • And then add rocket fuel to this process by listing all of the things that make you feel the feelings you want & do them as often as you can

I know it sounds too simple & a bit crazy & I can hear some of you saying “yeah right you mean if I go & have a great time feeling these amazing feelings then my dream house, car, boat, relationship, business etc is just going to show up?”

Yes I am - & I’ve proved it with my clients & myself & it works because the more you feel the feelings of what you really want internally the faster they will show up externally – purely because you’re in alignment with the vibration (or energy) that you’re wanting to attract – it’s how the universe works at a quantum level.

Ok… Watch the video below or at & give this technique a go next time you want to attract anything you want & if you need any help then make sure you watch the free Fast Healing Lesson Video available at

And...if you want to take your Attracting to a whole new level - then after watching the video, book in for your Fast Healing Session – & together we’ll get you resonating with the health, wealth, relationships, career &/or business that you desire.


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