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How to Eliminate Your Fear of Success

By Andrew McCombe | Uncategorized

Feb 10

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In this Healing U video lesson (see video below or at I want to help you to eliminate the fear of success.

It may come as a surprise but there are many people in the world who actually resist, or have a fear of success.

Seems crazy doesn’t it?

With all of the accolades, rewards, personal fulfillment & attainment of worthy goals that come with success, who wouldn’t want to be successful?

In this episode of Healing U’s, ResonateU Series, success was the last thing on the mind (or should I say subconscious mind) of a recent client.

My client, like everyone else thought she wanted to be successful & for years had done everything she could in everything she had ever tried to be successful but for some reason every time she got close to winning in some form, or having a massive success breakthrough success would continue to allude her at the final step, making her feel frustrated, angry & on a deeper level very sad.

The good news is there must always be an underlying cause & I always guide the client back to the first time that they can remember that they were successful.

It’s usually at this time (which is typically when they were a child between the ages of 0-7) that some form of shock, trauma, negative event or a serious emotional charge occurred in relation to the event in some way.

As a child it’s obviously not a good thing for them to experience but as a practitioner it gives me clues as to what is causing the present day behaviours, outcomes & results.

In this client’s case – every time she would win a running race at school her mother would always make her feel bad (or not good enough) for being successful (because of the mother’s own insecurities) & therefore the client began to feel the feelings of guilt & not good enough for being successful – which are obviously not great feelings (or vibrations) to be feeling as a young child - or even as an adult for that matter.

And because she didn’t want to feel these feelings she would start to unconsciously sabotage her success.

Another interesting part of her process, was that every time she had a successful running race she would get sick later that night.

When I probed her further it became evident that by getting sick straight after a race the local doctor would come around & see her & make her feel special by looking after her & discussing her race & praising & encouraging her for her success. Ultimately the doctor made her feel acknowledged & approved of for her success (unlike her mother) & her young brain began to form a belief that “Getting Sick will help me feel the feelings of being successful”

So on one hand the client was sabotaging her success because she didn’t want to experience the negative feelings of guilt & not good enough from her mum but on the other hand managed to garner the attention & positive feelings of approval, acceptance, acknowledgment & reward from the doctor.

The problem was she needed to get sick to get these feelings which is obviously not a healthy way to be successful & which as she got older & more consciously aware decided she didn’t want to be successful if it made her sick – which….. as you ‘ll hear in the episode, brings it’s own challenges & frustrations.

Let’s now listen to the session & hear from the client herself…

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