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How To Increase Your Self Worth and Self Confidence

By Andrew McCombe | Uncategorized

Feb 27

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In this Healing U Episode (see video below) I want to share the remarkable case study of a client who over a decade ago had an illness & how the fear of getting that illness again had not only contributed to a recent relationship break up but had also drastically affected her Self Worth & Self Esteem, so much so that having the illness had now affected her identity & she was afraid of attracting her ideal relationship - in case the illness flared up again.

The good news (as always) is that her fears & feelings of low self worth & self esteem were only trying to help her & by guiding her to tune into her body & feel the feelings associated with the fear (in this case the feelings of darkness & low self worth & fear), she was able to release the fear very quickly, easily & permanently.

Let’s now listen to the session & hear from the client herself…Oh & before you do I must mention I was on the beach when I recorded this session – so if there is a little but of background noise that is why – but again I guess this really highlights how convenient this process is – I was on the beach as the practitioner & the client was somewhere else in the world at the same time.

To listen to the client’s actual coaching session click the play button below…


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