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How to Stop Procrastinating & Perform at Your Best in Minutes

By Andrew McCombe | Uncategorized

Mar 29

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How to Stop Procrastinating
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In this Healing U lesson I’m going to teach you how to Stop Procrastinating and Start Performing at Your Best in minutes.

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This topic was borne out of a question I had from one of the Healing U Facebook Group members

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Ok so how do we perform at our best even when we don’t feel like it?

A great question & certainly one we all battle with from time to time

But I want to teach you a method all of my clients use & one that’s certainly not taught by most productivity experts.

If you want to perform at your best but you’re feeling tired, or you have no energy or you’re stressed, or you have no clarity, or you’re bored or you’re just not feeling it right now most productivity experts would tell you to have a coffee, or listen to music or go to a destination that you feel more inspired or just suck it up & get on with it.

All interesting suggestions but they don’t address the fact that you just don’t feel like it & often by actioning those suggestions will suppress the reason you don’t feel like it (which will only come out later & usually in a way that is detrimental to your health & wellbeing) plus the suggestions don’t take into account that the energy you are resonating with at the time of doing something that you don’t want to do will only ever produce results that are in alignment with that vibration – so if you are feeling tired, or bored, or stressed, or uninspired or demotivated, or whatever.. you’ll only ever create productivity that is in alignment with these feelings.

As you may or may not know one of the under pinning philosophies of Healing U is that Feeling is Healing – & that our feelings just want to be felt  – Essentially our feelings are talking to us at any given moment to tell us – exactly how we feel.

So the best thing we can do (whenever we’re feeling anything) is to first feel the feeling & then listen to what it’s saying to us - & in this case it’s saying I don’t feel like doing what you are asking me to do right now.

Now…It doesn’t mean I won’t feel like it forever but right now if you want to get the best performance out of me then it’s not the right time because I just don’t feel like it.

A classic example of this was when I actually wrote the script for this video – I’d just been to the gym & was feeling tired & didn’t have clarity on what I wanted to write – so I asked myself – How do I feel right now & my inner voice said “Tired”, so I said well what do you feel like doing? & it said I want to lie down & meditate so that I can get full clarity on what I want to write & then I’ll be good to go.

So I did & this video is the result of that meditation & it took me literally 15 minutes to write!

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So if we want to get the best performance out of ourselves at all times – even when we don’t feel like doing something here what to do:

First… we need to be aware of how we’re feeling & if the feeling is great then go for it, but if it’s not then…stop… & try these basic steps instead

Take 5 deep breaths & ask yourself the following questions

How do I feel right now & if it’s not in alignment with the task you need to perform...then…ask yourself…What would I rather do right now & then listen to & TRUST your inner voice .

Your inner voice knows everything that’s right & wrong for you in any given moment & it’ll tell you what you should really be doing right now…so if it says sleep, or rest, or go outside, or eat, or meditate, or call someone, or wait until tomorrow or whatever…then LISTEN to it,TRUST it & ACT on it & I promise you, you’ll not be disappointed

…& when you do come back to the task you’ll be totally in alignment with it… because you honoured your real self in the process… & that can only lead to great results because you’ll be feeling feelings that are in a better vibrational state than if you weren’t.

Make sense?


Watch the video below or at & give this technique a go next time you’re feeling un productive & see how it goes & if you need any help to perform at your best when you don’t feel like performing then make sure you watch the free Fast Healing Lesson Video available at & once you’ve done that you can apply the same Healing U process to performing at your best.


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