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Natural, Fast Pain Relief – Learn the Greatest Healing Secret Ever

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Mar 20

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The Greatest Healing Secret Ever!

In this Healing U lesson I’m going to teach you the secret technique that’ll fast track your healing from aches, pains, injuries &/or illnesses.

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And if you stick around til the end of this episode I’m going to give you access to the free Fast Healing Lesson Video that’ll guide you through a very simple, natural, yet incredibly powerful process that’s been proven by thousands of my clients to not only eliminate aches, pains, injuries, illness, fears, phobias, traumas & addictions but also attract anything they want in the body, their lives & / or their business,

For many years I’ve been working with clients who come to me for advice on how they can improve the performance & quality of their bodies, lives & businesses;

Some want help to lose weight & tone up…Some want to alleviate unexplained pains, injuries & illness …Others need to reduce their blood pressure & the effects of stress, some are just "STUCK" in some are of their life & want to get clarity on the best way to achieve their ideal financial, relationship, career or business goals, & everyone wants to look & feel better.

But, after working with thousands of clients I’ve found that it’s never their physical bodies or lives that require improving in the first instance.

In every client I’ve ever worked with I’ve found that there’s always been some underlying issue (that they were not consciously aware of) that was being reflected in the current state of their physical body and/or physical environment.

Effectively, the body is a barometer for life; if something isn’t going well in a certain area of life, it manifests through the body & because we’re also profoundly influenced by our thoughts, feelings & emotions, to the extent that when our mental, emotional & spiritual elements are working in harmony, the physical aspect of our selves will perform more efficiently & effectively & provide us with greater results than if we concentrate on our physical aspect alone.

I always find that when a client addresses the underlying cause of their dissatisfaction, their physical bodies responded with a lot less effort & they began to see amazing results in all areas of their lives.

So how is all of this going to help fast track the healing of your physical aches, pains, injuries &/or Illness?

Well..Did you know, on a deeper level pain is actually our resistance to feeling certain feelings that we don’t want to feel….So the quickest way I’ve learned to heal pain, injury or illness is to FEEL - because ultimately Feeling is Healing & therefore… the quickest way to eradicate pain, injury or illness is to stop resisting & start Feeling your Feelings…

It’s extremely important to note that Feelings are actually our friends – they are trying to help us - but it’s equally important to note that up until now feeling feelings is actually the last thing we usually want to do when we’re feeling them…..This may be a paradigm shift for some of you but bear with me.

Have a think about the last time you cut your foot, or sprained your ankle or bit your tongue – did you purposefully try to feel the feelings that cutting your foot, spraining your ankle or biting your tongue gave you? Of course you didn’t – they’re not pleasant feelings, in fact I bet you actually tried to get rid of the feelings by taking a pain killer or doing everything you could to distract yourself from feeling the pain.

But here in lies the problem. Most western medicine deals with any form of pain, injury, ailment or disease – by treating the symptom not the cause by giving you drugs to mask the pain, or even worse they’ll remove your limbs etc all together – that’s an extreme example I know but trying not to feel feelings is usually how humans treat any physical problems they don’t’ want to feel – instead we self-medicate by drinking, smoking, working, gambling, having sex, overeating etc… & if we don’t do this we simply try to avoid or deny the problem all together & do you know why we do this?

Because for most of us the feelings are too painful to want to feel them….Or we don’t know what we don’t know – eg we’re not even consciously aware of what we’re doing when pain arises – eg we’re not present when we’re in pain & just act on instinct (or survival mode) which is usually to avoid the pain.

Secondly – We’re not only not conscious of what we’re doing but because we’re are also not wanting to feel the feelings, we continue these addictive (or suppressive) behaviours such as drinking, smoking etc in an effort NOT TO FEEL THE FEELING

The problem is - if we don’t actually stop & feel the feeling, eventually the negative behaviour we are (consciously or unconsciously) acting out to not feel the feeling will get worse & often cause far worse symptoms such as cancer if it’s not addressed in the long term.

The secret though is that Feelings just want to be felt – & Feeling them will actually start the Healing process – so until we stop & actually feel the feeling, we’ll never heal properly let alone understand what ‘s causing us to feel the way we do & create the symptoms we have.

The good news though (whether we want to feel them or not) is that feelings are just trying to help us – & typically they have a message for us that’ll help us eliminate the symptoms of those feelings.

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Now all this is very theory oriented & for a lot of you I understand if your mind wants to run away from what I’m saying as quick as you can – “who is this mad man telling me if I just feel my feelings they’ll guide me to remove all of the negative symptoms I have in my life & also attract all of the great things I want in my life” – is he crazy?

Don’t worry guys I totally understand & I use to think exactly the same - as a male growing up in in a physically oriented society I was certainly never taught how to feel my feelings from those around me. It was just not something my parents, teachers & role models even knew let alone considered.

So I totally get it & it’s taken me a long time to get it – but I can assure you that through my own experience & witnessing thousands of my clients transformations – feeling your feelings is the fastest way to eliminating your pains & symptoms & attracting your ideal life once & for all – let me show you now by giving you a very brief experience of the longer Healing U technique that you’ll experience in the free Fast Healing Lesson Video I’m giving you access to at

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